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[icon] Meanwhile, in southwestern Varrock - ███████ the Forgotten, the Wanderer, the Devourer
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Current Location:Southwest Varrock
Subject:Meanwhile, in southwestern Varrock
Time:08:08 pm
"You know what, that's it. I am done with sneaking around. We've been training for war for months now and meanwhile the Phoenix are freely running around taking money that should be ours," complains Katrine. All around the room there are grumbles of agreement from members of the Black Arm Gang.

The imposter hiding behind Keli Raven's face and mannerisms would have enjoyed the onesided bloodbath that would have resulted from throwing the Black Arm Gang at the shrunken but well prepared Phoenix Gang. There are more important things than causing a minor gang war that would be over in maybe a week, however.

Keli answers her sister Katrine, "Straven got lucky and convinced the weaponsmaster to stay with him and got away with most of the crossbows. We had to be ready for that. I am getting tired of this too, but while we've been getting ready, they've been enjoying easy times." At this, members of the gang grumble. "They've been living easy," Keli says dismissively. More grumbling. "Thinking we are too busy hiding from them to do anything else. They've been getting soft."

"I am not too sure about that," a voice speaks up in the crowd. "If you hadn't noticed, some of us didn't show up." The Black Arms start looking around the room to figure out who is missing. Keli, visibly flustered, starts looking around, but specifically for the voice that interrupted her.

"If they don't know already, they'll find out eventually," Katrine says, sternly. "Waiting longer will just give them more time to find out and prepare for you, Keli. That is if they aren't doing that already."

"If they are preparing for me, they are dead," Keli growls back. But she hastily adds, "because we are ready for them; all that they are ready for is me."

The Black Arms start hooting and cheering, but Katrine's demeanor stays the same. "You are going to stay hidden. I don't want you to get hurt, Keli."

"Come on Katrine, she is our ace in the hole," speaks up one of the Black Arm thugs. "She's tough, too; remember that one time I stabbed her? And she's walking around like it never happen--"

"You son of a bitch, you did what?" Katrine pounces, but Keli intercepts. "I'll kill you! Let me go!"

"Katrine! I am fine!" Keli yells.

"I-I thought you knew," says the thug, shocked. "It was an accident! How could you have not known?"

"She didn't know," Keli answers back at the thug seething.

Katrine stops struggling and backs off, and looks bewildered at her sister. "When did this happen? How?"

Just then, someone, or multiple someones, start beating on the door to the temporary hideout. "They've found us! Get ready!" Katrine orders.

Keli, her nostrils flaring, her fists shaking, and enraged, angrily informs the room, "It's not them. It's zombies."

There is a clamour in the room as many of the Black Arms remember why there would be zombies outside. Lucien. But there is excitement, too. No one has ever seen Keli in such a livid state before. Things are going to go kaboom.

"Zombies are just a load of rotting meat, and what falls apart easier than rotten meat? We are ready for these bastards, whoever they are!" Katrine reassures the room.

"THEY ARE GOING BACK INTO THE GROUND!" rages Keli before kicking out the door.

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[icon] Meanwhile, in southwestern Varrock - ███████ the Forgotten, the Wanderer, the Devourer
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