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[icon] [ooc: The New Book of Lies -or- Notes on Appearance, Powers, Auras, etc.] - ███████ the Forgotten, the Wanderer, the Devourer
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Subject:[ooc: The New Book of Lies -or- Notes on Appearance, Powers, Auras, etc.]
Time:01:28 am
It's been a while, and Canon plus Word of God has revealed some new details. It's time I update this journal with new lies about Amascut.

Powers and Immortality

Amascut is most definitely a goddess. What this means is not exactly known, though. Gods, according to canon, are immortal, yet they can be killed using one of the Elder Artifacts, tools used by the Elder Gods to create and shape the multiverse. The local neighborhood of the universes, anyhow. Amascut and her brother Icthlarin are unique among the Young Gods, however, as they did not attain godhood by killing another god or by prolonged exposure to the power of the Elder Artifacts. The twin aspects of death were born gods (if the canon if the Kharidian religion is reliable). Their adopted siblings, Het, Crondis, Apmeken, and Scabaras are also unique, as they were granted godhood by their and Amascut's father Tumeken. But, it probably doesn't effect their immortality or lack of it. Even then, death via an Elder Artifact is not a sure thing, as at least one god has escaped such a death by giving up his physical form and going incorporeal.

Still, I have written Amascut as possesing a human body that is not extraordinarily invulnerable, at least not anymore invulnerable than a human. But, since she is/once was a goddess of rebirth she has divine regenerative abilities. She has so far come back from an atomic explosion at close range and self-immolation using her own very destructive powers. So what are her godly domains? It used to be Death, Physical Rebirth, guiding the body into the afterlife, and bringing death through life where her brother's were Death, Spiritual Rebirth, guiding the soul into the afterlife, and bringing life through death. Amascut has renounced her role as Goddess of Rebirth, through, and is now goddess of Death, Destruction, and Slaying/Exterminating.

In relation to the other gods in her canon, Amascut and Icthlarin, godly children of the gods, lie on the second lowest power tier, above the tier where godly creations of the gods, such as Het, Crondis, Apmeken, and Scabaras or Avatars of the gods rest. Where this puts Amascut in relation to other gods and anthropomorphic representations at [community profile] milliways_bar is unknown, of course.

Being at such a low power tier still means she can wield immense power, which has mostly manifested itself as fire based magic, intense searing columns of light from the sky, and mind control/body control/memory alteration psychic-like powers. It's odd that stories about the actual god of power and control never say he wielded such powers.

Amascut has been described on separate occasions as handsome and statuesque. Amascut is most likely vain about her appearance as she has never disguised as someone not young and not beautiful. She is around 5'11" tall with a very athletic build. However, there are some jarring details to her appearance that can be noticed from afar but are less noticeable from up close due to some perception/attention alteration hoodoo she has got going on at close ranges. She is dark skinned, and how dark can depend on her disguise, but has red hair. She has red irises which usually go unnoticed (and unmentioned by me) because of the perception/attention alteration hoodoo usually effects all the people close enough to see the color of her eyes anyhow.

She usually wears dresses, and they tend to be of the ankle length, free flowing and light type. She also prefers sandals but because of the Milliways clime, she keeps boots in her room upstairs for the colder months. She also keeps (and sells) boots at home, but those are for different purposes.

As for her smell... she may have a slight odor of a dead cat about her which she tries to hide. Aura wise, she is a divine being connected to death, but she tries to tone that down to a nondescript feeling of unnatural power for those sensitive to auras and such.

Amascut introduces herself as Sarah Black in [community profile] milliways_bar (if she ever gets around to it), an odds and ends merchant who teaches various arts of combat on the side. It might be harder to get her to admit that some of those odds and ends are weapons and ammunition. Well, most.

As for the goddess Amascut herself, she is supposed to be cursed. No one is supposed to be able to remember her name, although priests that tend to the worshipers of the Menaphite Pantheon seem to have no problem remembering her name. Neither does anyone important to plot. Names, memories, and attention are power for the gods, and its easy to see why Amascut's ex-followers would want to curse her so that the world would not remember her name. Yet, something must be perpetuating the myth that the curse stuck.

Amascut is not above erasing other people's memories, especially memories about herself. She is perpetuating the myth about the curse on her name by using memories of her name as inroads to other people's minds and devouring memories as she sees fit.

Another aspect of the curses upon her is that she is not supposed to be able to posses a body for any useful length of time. Neite, her ex-High Priestess, assures the player that Amascut will be forced out of her current body any day now. Or any year now. The curse worked, and it still works, Amascut didn't break it. However, if Amascut is pressed for information on the curses, she will say that she is trapped in her present body by the curse. It is a more believable lie.

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[icon] [ooc: The New Book of Lies -or- Notes on Appearance, Powers, Auras, etc.] - ███████ the Forgotten, the Wanderer, the Devourer
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